What to Bring for Your Wedding Day Detail Photos

If you’re a details queen like me, this post is for you! You know all of those dreamy wedding detail photos you see all over Pinterest? Those take some serious planning in order to come to life. You’ve spent months, if not more planning this day- so take advantage of this professional photographer and capture the details! Take a look below at my top tips for getting the perfect detail photos on your wedding day.

Rings and Ring Boxes

One of the top components to bring for your wedding day detail photos is your rings. Given that they are a key part of the ceremony, you SHOULD have these all ready to go anyways, but I recommend stopping by a jeweler the week of your wedding to give them a little bath and polish. If you have a special ring box for them, bring that too! You can also bring a sweet ring dish or just have them in a pouch if you don’t have a box for them.


I’m a huge sucker for wedding day shoes- and many of my couples have EXCELLENT taste in footwear. Have your wedding shoes out and ready for photos before your photographer arrives. If you’ve worn them around and they have some scuffs, keep a Shout wipe or Tide pen handy to help clean any minor blemishes.


Probably the most photographed detail would be stationery! The invitation suite sets the tone for the wedding day, and is a beautiful introduction to the day to come. If you have multiple pieces, such as an RSVP card, details card, liner, or wax seal, make sure to bring a clean copy of all of them to save. The physical card will wear over time and age, so having a gorgeous detail shot of the suite is such a nice reminder of the effort you put in.


Any wedding day accessories that you want captured, make sure to have out to the side in a designated area for your photographer. This could include ties, necklaces, bracelets, watches, cuff links, clutches, or even socks! Any special details that you will be wearing can make for great photos. If you have any headpieces like a veil, crown, or headband- lay those out too. The different textures and materials can make for beautiful photographs.


FLOWERS FOREVER!! But seriously, definitely include flowers in your detail photos. If your florist is able to, have them deliver your personal flowers (AKA bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, etc) before your photographer arrives. Bonus points if you can request a few loose flowers for styling- they make all the difference!

Heirloom Pieces

One thing I love that some couples incorporate into their wedding day is family heirlooms. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a garter, a brooch, or a handkerchief, bring these along to preserve some family history. These items are so special and usually have such gorgeous detail! If it’s something you wear, have a family member put it on you for a sweet photo moment.


Last but certainly not least, show off your wedding fragrance. One of my favorite tips is to pick a special scent for your wedding day and then wear it every year on your anniversary. Every sense is fully engaged on your wedding day, and it can be a great way to spark your memory years down the road. Perfume bottles also usually are a great design element for styling!

My biggest tip with all of this is to have everything prepped ahead of time!! Before you get too deep into your wedding day glam, take a second to designate a clean area of your getting ready space. Pack all of your details into a shoe box or a plastic storage bin and lay everything out for your photographer. That way they don’t have to find you while you are getting ready and make you get up to find it all.

I can’t wait to see all of your detail photos!! I hope this post helped and if you’d like to see more wedding tips and tricks, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok. And if you’re ready to start planning your wedding day, contact me here to get started!

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