Tips and Tricks to Having a Stress Free Wedding

Whether you’re in the process of planning your wedding now, or you’ve just been to any large event before, you know that trying to get a large group of people to all be on the same page can feel a bit impossible. On your wedding day, all you want is for things to go smoothly and efficiently. And to have a good time! I’ve compiled a few tricks to help turn your guests into mind readers, and therefore have a stress free wedding.

The Dreaded Dress Code

Ugh. We’ve all seen it before. “Formal”, “Semi-Formal”, “Sunday Best”, “Black Tie Optional”. What the heck do those even mean anyways??? You can try to spell it out as nicely as possible, but everyone seems to take dress codes in completely different ways.

If you have a specific look you are trying to go for, or just want to make sure your mother in law isn’t going to show up wearing a neon tracksuit, make things as easy as possible for them! Take a few minutes to put together a little “Guest Inspiration” Pinterest board with an assortment of outfits that would be in line with what you’re expecting. Throw it up on your wedding website under the wedding details page. Make sure to reference it on your invitation or save the date so guests know to look for it! Whether it’s for a themed wedding or a formal one, having some visual examples for both men and women will eliminate the constant questions, and hopefully the mis-dressed guest.

Have the Phones Unplugged Prior to Arrival

Nothing ruins the ceremony more than 15 iPhones in the air while the bride is walking down the aisle. Let alone in the wedding photos! If you’re planning on having an unplugged ceremony, let your guests know ahead of time on the wedding website! That website is your holy grail to letting guests know the answers to their uncomfortable questions. Just in case Grandma Sue doesn’t check the website, add it to your program. You could even have your officiant announce it politely before the processional begins. This way everyone is on the same page.

Afraid of stepping on the toes of your over eager relatives? Put 30 seconds into the ceremony of “dedicated photo time”. Once everyone is at the alter, have your officiant grant the crowd a few moments to snag a picture before beginning the sappy stuff. Trust me, your photographer will thank you.

Your Personal Secret Agent: The Day of Coordinator!

Whether you decide to have a full service planner or not, having at least a day of coordinator is SO important to making sure you have a stress free wedding. Think of a day of coordinator as your own personal secret agent. A prepared coordinator will be your eyes and ears throughout the whole day. Uncle Sam get lost on the way to the ceremony? On it. Are the table numbers out of order? Fixed it. Need someone to direct your guests to cocktail hour so that you can take family formals in peace? Already done.

Your coordinator should be able to get all of your guests where they need to be without involving you. I always make sure to get a master list together prior to weddings of all the little guest details, as well as a guest timeline so that they all know exactly where to go and when to go there. Having a day of coordinator is really your secret weapon to having a stress free wedding.

One Seat, Two Seat, Red Seat, Who’s Seat?

Last but not least, the seating chart. I know, I know, no one wants to do it. Deciding which of your friends you’re going to subject to Grandpa Joe’s strange jokes is never fun, but I promise you it’s so much better than the alternative. (You know the fire alarm scene in The Office where everyone is running around and Michael is screaming? This is a bit like how your guests feel without a place to sit!) While you know some groups will find each other (think old friends and family), there’s always going to be a couple stragglers who don’t know anyone besides you at the wedding who are going to SO appreciate having a space to sit rather than the awkward first day of school feeling during lunch.

Feel free to mix old friends with new ones, and if both sides of the family are friendly enough, join sides and let them get to know each other more! A clean cut seating chart gives your guests a sense of direction and allows them to all be seated and ready for the reception by the time you and your bridal party are ready to enter.

With just a little bit of pre planning, your guests will be totally ready for your big day, and you’ll be able to focus on marrying your new spouse. Thanks so much for reading along today! Make sure to follow along on Instagram to see the latest and greatest!

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