Best Wedding Dress Shops in NYC That Aren’t Kleinfeld’s

If you’re anything like me, you probably grew up watching “Say Yes to The Dress” and judging anyone that came into Kleinfeld’s with a budget under $10,000. As someone in NYC, it can feel like an obligatory wedding excursion to head to Kleinfeld’s for your wedding dress shopping. And while it can definitely be a fun place to go to live out your childhood dreams, you may want to check out some other stores or have a more intimate experience. As someone with a fashion background, wedding dresses are one of my favorite aspects of weddings. Lucky for you, I’ve visited some of the top wedding dress salons in NYC and compiled my favorites for you to peruse. Take a look at some of the best local wedding dress shops in NYC!

Interior shot of rustic Brooklyn wedding dress shop, Loulette Bride. Features a rack of wedding dresses.

Loulette Bride

Loulette Bride is an inclusive, sustainable bridal shop located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. All of their gowns are designed and crafted in house, and completely made to order based off of your measurements. Because everything is made to order in their studio, they eliminate excess inventory and excess shipping. Their fabrics are all recycled and natural, and any fabric scraps are recycled. They are loudly outspoken about causes within the LGBTQ+ community, feminism, and actively contribute to the community- so you know your money is supporting good causes! Every appointment is private for just the client and their guests, rather than being surrounded by other people trying dresses on. Their designs are intended for all genders, and are all so beautiful.

Interior shot of NK Bride studio.

NK Bride

Have you ever thought about getting a custom wedding dress? Think it’s way too out of reach? I’m here to tell you a custom dress can be for anyone! Enter NK Bride– a custom wedding attire shop located in Brooklyn. Nathalie is a bespoke bridal designer, FIT graduate, and total badass. Before starting NK Bride, Nathalie’s ready to wear designs have been sold in stores such as Farfetch and ASOS. She has a very in depth process from consultation, to sketch, to fabric selections, to fitting- it really is fully tailored to you and your every wish. Their gowns range from $4,000-9,000 for fully custom pieces. The quality is top notch and the designs are stunning!

Interior shot of Carol Hannah, located in Midtown Manhattan. Shot features an open space with racks of hanging wedding dresses.

Carol Hannah

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan you’ll find the dreamiest wedding dress oasis- Carol Hannah. Carol Hannah was founded by their namesake owner- a self taught designer from South Carolina. Her designs are known for their whimsical, creative, and elegant touches. Their dresses are all made to order and crafted by hand in their New York City studio. I love that they use a lot of unique detailing. They even have a dress with hand painted flowers! With fabrics and embellishments imported from the top sources in Europe, the quality is unmatched and all completely stunning. After visiting their store, I couldn’t help but daydream about the designs for the rest of the day.

Interior shot of Lovely Bride, located in Tribeca. Sleek, glitzy seating area flush with pink sofas.

Lovely Bride

If you’re looking for a shop with lots of selection but still want an intimate experience, Lovely Bride could be the perfect fit for you. With brands such as Alexandra Grecco, Bridal Society, Made with Love Bridal, and Rue De Seine, you’ll have tons of options without feeling like you’re in a big box store. Their shop is located in Tribeca and is not only gorgeous, but also inclusive in sizing and price points. Their dresses range from $2,000-8,000 and they also run sample sales occasionally! You’ll also find plus size samples in store. When you make your appointment, you can make a wish list of dresses you want to try, so they can let you know ahead of time if there are dresses in your size before you come.

Interior photo of Grace Loves Lace, located in SoHo. Shot features a wide space complete with cozy couches, glamorous fitting rooms, expansive rugs, and dresses on display.

Grace Loves Lace

Another one of my favorite wedding dress shops in NYC is Grace Loves Lace. They are located in SoHo and are full of gorgeous, boho chic dresses to die for. Grace Loves Lace is an Australian based bridal brand with a focus on luxury sustainable designs at an affordable price point. Their founder, Megan, created the showrooms to be an extension of her own house. That way when you go to try on dresses, you can feel right at home. I absolutely love their wedding party dresses, which are made out of a silk created from recycled plastics. Their ethical manufacturing process is one to be admired, and the designs are just as beautiful.

Interior shot of Pantora Bridal, located in Brooklyn, New York. Photo features a long line of wedding dresses on display.

Pantora Bridal

Finally, we come to another amazing wedding dress shop: Pantora Bridal. If you are looking for a glamorous wedding gown- THIS IS THE PLACE. Designer Andrea Pitter created Pantora to be an inclusive, joyful space to celebrate love. They carry samples in sizes up to 32 and are continuously expanding! Their use of texture, embellishment, and a whole lot of sparkle create some of the most fabulous wedding dresses in the country. Pantora is located in Brooklyn and carries bridal, bridesmaids, and ready to wear options. Definitely make sure to check them out!

One of the great things about living in NYC- you are literally surrounded by the best wedding dress shops in the country. You can’t go wrong no matter where you pick, but these are certainly a great place to start. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your success stories with me if you end up going to any of these shops! See you next time.

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